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Choosing And Maintaining Your Mitsubishi Heat Pump 1

Choosing And Maintaining Your Mitsubishi Heat Pump

Humans are creatures of comfort and habit, and while we all have our preferences for hot or cold temperatures, we always complain when it goes beyond our control. This is why we choose to manipulate and optimise the temperatures in our homes. A popular climate control option is the heat pump and selecting a brand that’s perfect for you depends on the advice that you receive from your heat pump installer as well as what others enjoy using. A brand that has become favoured by professionals and homeowners alike throughout the industry is the Mitsubishi heat pump. Here’s why you should choose one.

  • A Trusted Brand

Mitsubishi is a brand that’s well known in a variety of industries. It’s been around for almost 150 years with a reputation that precedes itself. While Mitsubishi is a brand that you’d more commonly associate with cars, it booms in every industry that it dabbles in. It’s why it’s won the Canstar ‘Most Satisfied’ Customer Award; Readers Digest Most Trusted Heat Pump Brand Award and Consumer Top Heat Pump Brand Award – all in 2017!

  • A Brand With Options

A brand usually becomes well known for its quality by people using it and recommending it. It builds up its reputation with customers by meeting and exceeding expectations. Mitsubishi has done this by earning the trust of its customers through experience, and they’ve tested their heat pumps against fires, gas heater and electric heaters to get the best results. This has proven that the brand can offer the lowest running costs as well as superior temperature control and accessibility. It also provides the best air quality, humidity control and cooling – all while being safe and unobtrusive wherever it’s installed.

Because Mitsubishi can deliver heat pumps that consistently fulfil their promises, they sell a large number of units all over New Zealand. This means that there’s always spare parts and equipment for maintenance on any unit that you may have installed in your home.

  • Choose The Right Support

Installing a heat pump is a lifetime investment which will require ongoing maintenance and contact with the company that has installed it. Thankfully, Comfy Kiwi Homes are authorised and experienced in all aspects of Mitsubishi heat pump installation and maintenance. It’s the best way to enjoy the qualities of this international brand, along with quality, on the ground service.