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Air Conditioning Services in Auckland

Comfy Kiwi Homes is your leading supplier of Panasonic air conditioning units. With our skilled team of technicians we can help you avoid those unbearably hot nights with specialised air-cooling systems. With expert knowledge of air conditioners our services can help your home become a healthy, comfortable environment, whatever the weather.

What We Do

We work across the Auckland region to install, service and repair a great range of air conditioning units, specialised to the space you’re trying to cool. We can find the right-sized equipment for your area at a competitive price point.

Our happy customers include homeowners, building developers, retailers, schools, healthcare providers and offices. So we know exactly what we’re doing. When you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system we have the right options for you.

Our Skilled Team

Our guys work to a standard rather than a price, so you’re guaranteed to get quality service. The workmanship we offer is unrivalled in the industry and we’re happy to help with any air conditioning issues you may be having. We can offer installation and supply of various machines, ranging from high wall units and floor console equipment to fully-ducted air conditioning systems.

The Benefits

Air conditioning can provide your home with benefits that reach beyond the supply of cool air. With the installation of a Panasonic unit you can supply your home with newfound comfort and fantastic health benefits.

With the provision of one of our machines, your place will be supplied with a fresh flow of cooling air. A well-ventilated premise benefits everybody inside; it banishes impurities in the air, stopping you from breathing the undesirable. It allows you control of the temperature in the rooms you desire, allowing you to alter conditions how you wish and it significantly lowers the chance for mould and mildew to grow. This will give ventilation and tranquility indoors, whatever the size or shape of your home- our team is able to offer personalised solutions to fit your needs.

No More Stuffy Sleeps

Nobody likes waking up in a pool of their own (or their partner’s) sweat and that’s if you manage to get to sleep at night in the first place; Auckland can get horribly muggy. Take control of the climate in your home with a Panasonic air conditioning unit, allowing you to maintain a comfortable, relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

You Don’t Have to Overheat this Summer

Don’t suffer through another hot summer by putting your comfort on the backburner. Bringing our air conditioning options into the home can give you the ease that you, your family, your co-workers and your friends deserve when working, relaxing or enjoying each other’s company.

HVAC solutions can bring priceless enjoyment to your location that may be lost when things get too hot in the summer. Whether it’s a single room or an entire house, Comfy Kiwi Homes can offer expert advice on quality products that are sure to meet your cooling needs.

Efficient Cooling Solutions

Not only are our units outstanding at supplying cool air in the home; they’re also incredibly efficient. You don’t have to sacrifice a huge cost to create a comfortable environment in your place. Our air conditioners are able to chill your rooms productively at a low price meaning that you don’t have to worry about massive jumps in your power bill.

Approved Panasonic Suppliers

We’re accredited Panasonic suppliers so not only can we offer a quality service but we also provide you with a five year warranty if anything goes wrong with your new equipment. By taking advantage of our free home assessment you can ensure we’re able to find the right air conditioning solution for your home or business.

Our Experts

Our friendly serviceman supply, install and service HVAC systems throughout Auckland. We’re knowledgeable and reliable in the jobs we undertake and through our professional outlook our customers have been supplied with quality assistance with their heating, cooling and ventilation needs.

The Comfy Kiwi Home

We understand every home is different and every home requires a specialised service. That’s why our team, as Panasonic Gold dealers can make informative decisions on what solution is right for your location. You can trust our advice is the best in the industry and the unit you’re getting is quality assured to fit your home or business.

What Our Customers Say

Our customers agree our supply of air conditioning units has substantially increased the experience of being in their environment. Check out our feedback to get an idea of the tailored services we’re able to offer.

Contact Us

Through our care and consideration you can be sure your home will be fitted with a fantastic functioning air conditioning system. We work in the Auckland area to supply, install and service Panasonic units for any HVAC concern. Get in contact with us today to find out what we can do for you.

The Benefits

Air conditioning can provide your home with benefits that reach beyond the supply of cool air. With the installation of a Panasonic unit you can supply your home with newfound comfort and fantastic health benefits.