Why you shouldn’t delay heat pump repairs

At Comfy Kiwi Homes, we don’t just help you choose and install a heat pump, we will also assist you with the maintenance, repairs and after-sales services of this vital innovation in your home. Today we’ll take a look at why you should never delay heating repairs and the reasons why. After all, winter is not a time when you can rely on sunny days to keep you warm so don’t leave it too long!

Maintenance of the heat pump is recommended once a year and it is an annual service that we are more than happy to help with. But in the case your heat pump isn’t in top condition you might have more worries than being cold. Degrading air quality or overusing electricity are two side effects of broken heating. Here are the reasons not to delay heating repairs:

Reduce the risk of emergency breakdowns

Making sure your heat pump gets the attention it needs before anything goes wrong will reduce the likelihood of it stopping when you need it most. Like any good relationship, it will last longer and work better if you put the effort and care into it. Luckily for you, our heat pumps can be fixed by our experts. The quicker the better as this can make a big difference in preventing further damage. Between annual maintenance and fast repairs, enjoy long, cosy nights in cold conditions and cool, comfortable nights when it’s hot outside.

Reduce costs

A well-maintained system is a happy system. This will ensure it is running at its best which means it’ll be at its most efficient. Taking care of this means saving costs for you in terms of energy bills and not having to pay out repair fees as often.

Improved air quality

Dust and dirt can quickly accumulate in your system. Neglecting this can cause issues that may need more extensive repairs. This accumulated dust can be spread throughout your house when the system is in use. For the health of you and your family, our team can help by clearing these airflows to ensure perfect air circulation.

By coming to Comfy Kiwi Homes, you can rest assured we will deal with your issues quickly, leaving you to count on constant heating or cooling when and where you need it. Our service and maintenance of your heat pump is as simple and easy as possible. Get in touch with us today to ensure a cool home.


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