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Tell-tale Signs That Your Panasonic Heat Pump Needs Professional Attention

The worst time for your heat pump system to fail is when you need it – when the temperatures start to drop, and the comfort of your home becomes critical. The recommended way to ensure Panasonic heat pump reliability is to follow the guidelines outlined in the manufacturer’s operating manual. The manual should provide instructions on maintenance schedules and common troubleshooting issues to look out for. Inadequate servicing and maintenance can result in homeowners spending on repair issues that could otherwise be avoided, such as the following:

Sudden Heat Loss

The reasons for reduced levels of heat output vary. It could be as simple as the thermostat being switched off and not turned back on to more complex issues such as improper wiring if the thermostat was recently replaced. If you’re not sure what’s causing the problem, it’s best to call in a professional technician who’s best placed to detect the problem quickly and offer you a suitable solution.

Cold Air

If a heat pump’s fan is working, but the air vents are producing cold air, then this could signal a problem with the thermostat or air handler. A quick way to check if the problem is with the thermostat is to set the heating option to emergency heat and the check temperature output. If cooler air is still being produced, then it’s more than likely that you have a faulty thermostat that might need replacing. If warm air is produced, then just the outdoor unit may be defective.

Strange Sounds

A grinding or squealing sound when your heat pump is in operation is cause for alarm as it could signal a major issue such as the motor bearings being damaged. Homeowners experiencing this problem are advised to shut off the heat pump immediately and schedule a professional inspection to diagnose the problem. Other noises to look out for is a rattling sound, but this is less cause for concern as the fault could simply be loose hardware.

When your heat pump starts acting up, the best way to fix the problem is to have the people who installed it in the first place take a look at it. They’ll be best placed to assist in this regard, and will also ensure that you don’t void your warranty if it’s still standing. For all your Panasonic heat pump repair or maintenance needs, give us a call at Comfy Kiwi Homes. We’re the preferred specialists in heat pumps and air conditioning services.