Five Reasons To Service Your Air Conditioning System

When you install an air conditioning system in your home or office, it’s important to maintain and service it frequently so that it lasts its intended lifespan. When you do that, you can use it for longer, and the investment in your home will go further. Here are a few more reasons why you should service your air conditioning service regularly.

1) It Maintains Efficiency 

As the years go by, the efficiency of your air conditioner decreases by as much as 5%. That means that, as the years go by, your A/C unit functions more and more poorly. However, if you follow a maintenance schedule, its efficiency won’t be lost, as it’s serviced, repaired, and replacement parts are found. If you want your air conditioner to continue to function at optimal capacity, it should be maintained at least once a year.

2) It Lengthens Its Lifespan 

An air conditioner isn’t a cheap purchase for many people. Depending on the unit you’ve chosen, the installation could be an in-depth one as well, which is why this kind of purchase can be seen as an investment in your home. The cost might be high, but you’ll get many years of cool, comfortable temperatures in your home – if you maintain it. If you don’t, malfunctions and breakages, which could have been avoided, will decrease how long your A/C will function properly.

3) It Saves On Electricity Costs 

Although not as energy-efficient as heat pumps, air conditioners are the more affordable heating and cooling solution for many. However, it can only maintain its energy-efficient properties if it’s maintained. If not, your A/C unit will use more electricity as the years go by, and you’ll spend more on energy bills than you should.

4) It Improves Air Quality 

The primary purpose of an air conditioner might be to cool your home, but it also improves air quality. Air conditioning systems contain air filters, which catch any impurities in the air, and filter them out so that you aren’t breathing in contaminated air. Without them, you could get sick, suffer from seasonal allergies, or even contract respiratory illnesses from dampness and air-borne spores.

5) It Maintains Your Warranty 

When you buy an air conditioner, you’ll get a warranty. Depending on the dealer, the model and the manufacturer will determine how long the warranty will be; but the average is between 2 and 5 years. With it, you’re covered against malfunction and damage until it expires. However, did you know that your warranty becomes redundant if you don’t regularly maintain the unit? Therefore, have air conditioning services inspect, maintain and repair your system at least once a year to ensure that your warranty still stands until its expiration date.

When you buy an air conditioning system, you should look after it; at least so that your money doesn’t go to waste. A simple inspection and a service once a year, or after every season, will keep you’re A/C unit functioning at optimal capacity for as long as it’s intended lifespan.