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Comfy Kiwi Homes Heat Pump in Winter

5 Tips to Protect Your Heat Pump During the Winter Months

5 Tips to Protect Your Heat Pump During the Winter Months

As the weather gets cold, it is essential to consider the maintenance that might be required to ensure the performance of your heat pump in Auckland. Regardless of the age of your system, you need to be proactive to protect the equipment and maintain a comfortable climate for your home or office. Here are a few maintenance tips to consider:

  1. Protect the Equipment from the Elements

The outdoor unit should be protected from leaves and ice. Even though snow is rare in most Auckland areas, you should be proactive to avoid damage due to hail or freezing rain. Talk to your heat pump installation team about how the top and sides of the heat pump can be shielded from the weather. Check the system regularly to watch for excessive snow or ice build upon or near the heat pump.

  1. Remove the Ice

If you notice that the heat pump is covered with ice, then removing the build-up will improve the performance of the system. For your safety, turn off the system or set the thermostat to emergency heat.

  1. Clean or Change the Filter Regularly

For optimal performance of the system, it is important that the filter is changed regularly. The best schedule is to install a new filter before the coldest months of the year. This maintenance task varies depending on the type of system that you own. So, you need to talk to your installation team to identify the right methods for filter cleaning or replacement. Often, there are filters located both inside and outside that need to be addressed.

  1. Keep the Thermostat Settings Low

It is best to keep the thermostat set between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. Turning the thermostat to the maximum setting doesn’t heat the room faster. Instead, it uses more energy and increases potential wear and tear on the system. Be strategic with the settings to optimise energy usage and protect the quality of the system.

  1. Schedule Inspections and Tune-Ups

Maintenance appointments should be scheduled at least once a year. These services will identify potential issues with the heat pump. If needed, small repairs can be completed to protect the quality of your system. Regular maintenance is essential to extend the life of the heat pump and ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable indoor climate.

Whether you need heat pump maintenance or you are considering the installation of a new system, Comfy Kiwi Homes is here to help. We offer quality services for homes and businesses in the greater Auckland area.