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Our Ducted Heat Pumps Are Out Of Sight

One of the most appealing aspects of our ducted heat pumps is they’ve very much out of sight. The main indoor unit is hidden away and the grilles that send heated or cooled air into the home are the epitome of discretion. They blend really well into any decor and help proud homeowners maintain the aesthetic appeal they’re so eager to preserve. For this reason alone, our fully ducted systems are very popular. 

Because a ducted heat pump operates almost invisibly and silently, you can be forgiven for almost forgetting that it’s there. For all that, you certainly need to remember the importance of regular maintenance and servicing. Such a system is highly advanced and represents the very best in heat pump technology, yet it still needs the same basic care that all of our heat pump products require. Ducted systems work on the same principle as other heat pumps, so maintenance and servicing are still essential. As an example, without due care, filters can become clogged with dust and dirt which means your unit has to work harder to blow cool or warm air into the room.

The ducting itself also needs attention. Over time, dust, dirt and other particles can accumulate within the ducting. Because it’s hidden away, it requires professional heat pump technicians, like those on our team, to ensure the ducting is clean and transferring the highest-quality air into each room.

For these reasons and more, we highly encourage you to arrange for us to come in on a regular basis to service your ducted heat pump system. We recommend that we do the same regardless of what heat pump you have, but because ducted heat pumps are more difficult to access then it is especially important.

If you look after your ducted heat pump, it will look after you by cooling your entire home in summer, and heating it in winter – all through a central control unit. A ducted system is a significant investment that will give you even bigger returns through many years of effective and energy-efficient performance that will save you thousands on power bills in the future. It’s worth looking after. That’s why you should contact us and ask about ducted heat pump servicing in Auckland – it will be well worth your while.