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How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need to Be Serviced?

How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need to Be Serviced?

Servicing and maintenance are essential if you want to protect the performance and durability of your air conditioning unit. The air conditioning unit is an important part of every home or office to ensure that you stay comfortable during the hottest months of the year. Even though we aren’t experiencing the heat of the Auckland summer right now, it might be a good opportunity to schedule an appointment for air conditioner servicing.

This appointment will help you identify potential problems that need to be addressed. Then, you can rest assured to know that your air conditioning unit will offer optimal performance when the weather warms up again.

Air Conditioner: More Than Basic Cooling

Everyone knows that an air conditioning unit is used to cool a home or commercial building. But, did you know that other benefits come from using this tool? For example, the air conditioner helps to decrease humidity levels in the room, which improves the comfort of everyone inside.

Additionally, these units are designed with filters that help to remove small particles such as dust and allergens that might be in the air. But, these benefits are only available if you stay current with the maintenance tasks that are needed.

Why Servicing Appointments are Needed

Even if your air conditioner seems to be working fine, a servicing appointment is essential to ensure the current performance and long-term durability of the unit. It is obvious that you need to call a repair team if the unit isn’t cooling the room as expected. But, don’t wait until you have problems before you contact an industry expert.

Regular servicing ensures that you have the right performance on the days when you need it the most. Plus, these appointments can help with improving the efficiency of the air conditioner. Ongoing use without maintenance or repairs means that the performance of the unit will decrease each year.

Finally, these appointments are important to identify small problems that need to be fixed. Early detection helps you avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Timing of the Services

The timing of your maintenance appointment will vary based on the frequency of use and the type of unit that is installed in your home or office. But, most experts agree that annual inspection and repair work is sufficient to ensure the performance of the unit. For more information, contact our experienced team at Comfy Kiwi Homes. We are here to help with air conditioning, heat pumps installation, and more in Auckland.