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Easy ways to maximise the efficiency of your air conditioning system

Easy ways to maximise the efficiency of your air conditioning system

Installing air conditioning in your Auckland home is a decision you’ll never regret. The instant relief from temperature extremes will help you and your family sleep, eat and live more comfortably, when and where you need it.

Most people accept that using an air conditioning unit will place a considerable strain on their household energy consumption, but this doesn’t have to be the case. By choosing a modern, energy rated HVAC model and following the below tips, you can enjoy a cool home without a chilling energy bill.


Keeping your HVAC unit cool will help it conserve energy and prevent overheating. This means you should carefully consider its location when installing it. If possible, have it on the side of your home that isn’t facing the sun. It is estimated that having a shade installed or planting bushes and trees around your unit can make it up to 10% more efficient. Just remember that whatever you plant should be a metre or two away from the unit so that it’s easy to access when you need to service or repair it.


Many Kiwi homes have portable or ceiling fans that are only used when the air conditioning isn’t working. Having both on at the same time can reduce your power consumption. When a fan rotates and pushes air downwards, it helps cooled air to circulate better, making a room feel cooler than it is. This way you won’t need to select the coolest setting available on your unit.


Window film is a cheap and easy way to minimise the sun’s impact on your home’s interior temperature. By keeping the worst of the sun’s rays away from your interior, you create an environment that is closer to an ideal temperature and requires less cooling. A bonus is that window film also helps to trap interior heat in winter.


Regular maintenance and servicing of your HVAC unit is critical and perhaps the most important tip of all. Regularly cleaning and replacing your filters is the easiest way to keep your air conditioning unit operating at its best, and the best part of all is that is costs nothing to do so.