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Don’t Get Caught Short This Winter

If the latest cold snap has you looking for a heat pump before the next cold snap occurs, we can help! We’re leading suppliers and installers of heat pumps in Auckland and, as the name of our company indicates, we’ve created a lot of comfy Kiwi homes.

Whoever you choose to install your heat pump, it’s important that you consult with them every step of the way. Some heat pump companies are better at this process than others. With our free and no-obligation home or business visits, we believe we provide a superior end to end service. But why is it so important that you ask for a consultation right from the start? Because it means you won’t get caught short this winter. Let us explain.

Many people buy a heat pump on price alone. This means they tend to gravitate towards smaller units that are not as powerful and deliver less heat. After all, smaller means cheaper and size doesn’t matter, right? Actually, it does matter. A smaller heat pump will work perfectly well in a modest-sized room. In fact, it’s better than a heat pump that is too big for the room because a larger unit will cycle on and off repeatedly as the preferred temperature will be reached very quickly. This is inefficient and can reduce the life expectancy of the unit.

But putting a small heat pump into a larger space and expecting it to do the job is just as inefficient. While the unit may eventually warm up the room, it will take longer to do so and will have to work so much harder and use a lot more power to reach the desired temperature. This is where people are caught short – they have to shiver through lower room temperatures while the heat pump toils to heat things up. Plus, they have to pay higher power bills, which leaves them short on cash to pay their other bills.

Right about now, thousands of New Zealanders are regretting the decision to buy a small heat pump because it cost them less. If those Kiwis had sought out a consultation before buying a unit based on price alone, they’d be far more comfortable – and paying lower power bills as well.  That’s where we come in. Contact us and we’ll come to your home or business and advise you on the best heat pumps like getting Panasonic, Mitsubishi or Daikin Heat Pumps for the property. The price of the heat pump might not be as low as you had budgeted for – but down the track, you’ll be far better off. We guarantee it!