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A Word To The (Energy) Wise

It’s a very good time of year to contact us and discuss aircon unit/heat pump installation for the upcoming winter, and next summer – and many more winters and summers beyond that. By calling us now, you can stay cool during this hot summer – and you can beat the rush that happens every winter and be all set up by the time the cooler weather eventually arrives. After all, autumn is just a matter of weeks away.

Of course, you may be considering other options for later in the year. But you’ll never come across anything quite as efficient as a heat pump/air con unit, and we use that “efficient” word to describe both performance and energy consumption. And let’s not forget, that the appliance can cool your home as well so there is more than one string to its bow.

To give you an example of how efficient heat pumps/air con units are, we would like to share some information released by EnergyWise on how well they heat a home, and this is something to keep in mind for a bit later in the year.

They estimate that using a heat pump for eight hours per day for six months of the year with an energy output of 6KwH would cost about $300, based on a 5-star energy rating. Here are the figures for the year:

Annual energy use –  1201 kWh

Annual running cost – $314.89

Greenhouse gas emissions –  0.16 tonnes

EneryWise then looked at an electric heater with a 1-star energy rating. For a direct comparison, the figures are based on the heater running for the same amount of time as the heat pump at 6kw. Here are the figures:

Annual energy use –  2074 kWh

Annual running cost –  $543.91

Greenhouse gas emissions –  0.28 tonnes

So, over the course of a year, the heat pump/air con unit was cheaper to run by nearly $230! And the comparison between greenhouse gas emissions is an interesting one too. The appliances we supply and install are far more environmentally friendly, as well as being kinder on the household budget.

The investment in a heat pump/air con unit is a wise one. When you ask us to maintain and service the device on a regular basis, you can expect many years of efficient performance when cooling and heating your home. If you’d like to discuss the other advantages of using these appliances in your home (or business) get in touch with us and we’ll happily go over all the options with you. But a word to the (energy) wise – contact us today and beat the rush when the weather cools down!